National Library Week

I am and always have been an advocate of libraries. When I first came to America, I spent a lot of time in my school library either waiting for my sisters, hanging out with friends or simply being by myself reading. It is a space in which I was never uncomfortable. I was at peace. This is why when I see articles as The Future of Libraries Has Little to Do with Books, I am perplexed. Who actually thought that the public library was all about borrowing books? It was ALWAYS a cultural center at least for me. From Jr. High School in Queens, NY when this was the meeting place for everyone.It was where we met to decide on where to go next or for younger students who had to wait for their older siblings this was a safespace to wait and while there we met other students and we learned a lot. Yes “how” we read is different, but our interaction with each other has not changed. The library as a “cultural center” is not new at least not for ME.


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