Day 1 of Not Googling for Answers

I noticed that I often find myself going directly to Google for information. It could be something as simple as spelling “itinerary” a word I always seem to misspell, or to confirm the year a film was made. The sad part is that I will google again for the same thing. I have trained myself to not remember because I can always google it. Well this week I am challenging myself to not google anything. I can call a friend, ask a co-worker, go to  the library or use the books in my personal library. The person I ask cannot google the answer as that would be cheating.

So my first challenge today was to date what year the film Soul Plane (yes I was watching it don’t judge me) was released. I had a vague idea that it was about ten years ago but as the film progressed, I used technology to help me. One of the characters had a Palm Pilot and that was all I needed.

My second challenge is still a challenge. I was reciting a poem but could not finish it. I had a friend who did not know the poem but helped me tease it out. I was finally able to finish it but now I don’t remember the author. Can you help me? Do Not Google. The poem is : Never trouble trouble unless trouble troubles you/for you are sure to make your trouble double trouble if you do…

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