Day 2 of Not Googling for Answers

I already see a pattern emerging during my week challenge in not googling for answers. I find myself accessing data that I haven’t accessed in years. I find myself trying to make connections where there may not be any but it’s worth the chance if it leads me to the answers I am looking for.

I was having drinks with my sister and we are discussing an article I posted about Eartha Kitt’s daughter. I mentioned that Eartha Kitt’s former husband looked like that guy who was married to Natalie Wood. I remembered his last name, Wagner, but could not remember his first name. At first I said Jack Wagner but then I remember that he was Frisco Jones from General Hospital  so wrong Wagner. Then I said John Wagner, no idea who that its. We decided to let it go. After a few minutes my sister shouted ROBERT. It all clicked and that is how we remembered Robert Wagner from Hart to Hart. Oh yes I am going down memory lane.

Later, were were discussing Chanel bags and went on ebay to look a few. I noticed one vendor showed that the bag he/she was selling was made in Italy. This surprised me as Chanel is french brand and I thought was made in France. Is that still the case? Help me. But do not google the answer.

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